Cleanse Kit

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The Kabbalists explain that when we align our consciousness with the Light, we build a metaphysical shield of protection around us. However, consciousness must always being manifested through actions. This kit contains three Kabbalistic tools we can intentionally use to draw protection into our lives: the Red String, White Sage, and the Pinchas Pocket Zohar.

The Red String is wrapped around the tomb of Rachel the matriarch whose greatest desire was to protect and defend her children. This string protects us from the influence of Evil Eye, referring to the unkind glances we sometimes give to and receive from others, weakening our own metaphysical shield. This 60 inch Red String is infused with Kabbalistic prayers and instructions for proper use.

White sage has been used in many cultures since the beginning of time as a tool for cleansing. The Kabbalists use sage in combination with the Hebrew letter sequence (מ.ו.ם) to rid internal (body/mind) and external environments of all negativity. The aroma of the white sage brings about a sense of calm; diffusing all forms of tension that have the potential to create chaos. 

Kabbalist sages throughout the centuries emphasize the Zohar as humanities greatest tool for protection. Simply scanning the letters of the Zohar purifies one’s mind, body, heart and soul. 

The pocket Zohar is a concise one-volume edition, containing the section of the Zohar that specifically deals with healing. You may keep it with you or give it to someone you love. This miniature volume is ideal for travel bags, your car, children's backpacks, and even in your purse. Don't leave home without it! Book text in Aramaic with introduction in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Russian.

The Protection Kit:

  • 1 Pocket-Size Pinchas
  • 1 The Red String Pouch
  • 1 Sage Smudge Stick