Mezuzah Reconditioned (Regular Size 12)

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Reconditioned means that a Kabbalah Centre used Mezuzah was sent to be checked by a specialist + passed a computer check as well. Once checked, we recondition the Mezuzah in a brand new Saran wrap, brand new case and apply a brand new double sided tape. 

This powerful doorpost ornament is written by the Kabbalah Centre's scribes. The Mezuzah empowers us to shield negative energies from our home or office.

  • Written in the most rigorous laws of the Ari
  • 100% Kosher with certificate, proofread check by computer and by an expert proofreader (available upon request)
  • Size: 12cm / 4.7", Parchment is Wrapped in a Saran protective film
  • Hand written by a certified scribe
  • Scribe purifies in Mikveh (spiritual bath) before each YKVK holy name, fasts and does not speak while writing
  • Parchment is encased in a clear casing to better suit all house styles and designs
  • No nails necessary, the casing comes with a foam double-sided tape that can be placed onto the surface of your door post

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