We Are In This Together

We Are In This Together

Welcome to the month of Cancer, which brings us special opportunities to grow on the spiritual path. Innately, Cancers have an ability to hang on and see things through. Like the crab, which is the symbol of this month, people born under this sign can attach themselves to something — be it a goal, a relationship or an idea – and not let go, a characteristic which can work for them or against them. Generally, Cancers are hard workers, pressing diligently to find their way in this life. Personal and familial relationships are important to them, as is a good and comfortable home.

Cancer is a water sign, and the seat of all emotion is in this month. When driven by love, this emotion gives the Cancer a huge capacity for warmth, empathy, and true kindness. But when motivated by fear, this emotion can flow the other way — into perhaps, anger or sadness.

Our challenge in this time is to identify and overcome our fears. So often fear is what keeps us from leaping towards our goals and doing what we came to do in this world. Fear can stop us from working towards our life’s dream; it can keep us settling for a life in chaos, when the Creator wants to give us so much more. We fear we are not good enough, we fear we are not smart enough, we fear we are not enough. Indeed, fear is a powerful force. But this month is a powerful window of opportunity for healing, for the ability to bring forth forces to work for our benefit.

It is important for us to overcome our fears, not just for ourselves, but for others. When we manage to genuinely change for the better, others can feel and be inspired by it as well. So here are some tips for this month:

1. Keep moving forward. Cancers like to live in the past, because at least the past is 100% known. The future is inherently uncertain. This month’s energy supports us in feeling our fear, and moving forward into the unknown anyway!

2. Let go of calculations when it comes to giving and receiving. So often what we do or say is motivated by our own personal agenda, what we are going to “get” in return. This month we can give with our heart, and appreciate what the Light brings us to receive.

3. Get out of your own way. Stop resisting the unknown. Use fear as an opportunity to build a strong trust in the Light. Understand that reason the fear is there is for you to elevate and rise above it, and now is the time to do just that!

The crab, which is the sign of Cancer, walks sideways. This is often how we tend to walk through life when we are led by our fear. But you know what? I once saw a beautiful documentary that showed how crabs can travel across the ocean bed if they are next to each other, connected to one another. In this way, they form a line that joins them across the ocean to the next destination.

This is a great visual of a powerful truth. When we can find some kind of unity with others —when we can see the spark of the Creator that exists in the other person, just as it exists within ourselves — when we realize that we truly are “in this together” – then, in spite of our fears, there is no ocean we cannot cross, no matter how uncertain the path may seem.

Wishing you a blessed month!