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Stream Live Events and Classes from The Kabbalah Centre, learn from thousands of pre-recorded on-demand lessons, and connect with teachers for personalized Kabbalistic guidance. 


Kabbalistic Calendar What can a calendar do for you besides telling you what day it is? According to Kabbalah, it can awaken your ability to take control over the influences of the Zodiac.

The 72 Names of God Based on 3 verses from the Bible, those 72 Names are one of the oldest & most powerful Kabbalistic tools. Moses used it to split the Red Sea and you can use it as well to turn everyday challenges into miracles.


Kabbalah Reader Selected by The Jerusalem Post as one of the "Top 5 Kabbalah Apps" Kabbalah Reader allows you to access many of The Kabbalah Centre's books and more!  

The Zohar Revealed more than 2,000 years ago, the Zohar is a spiritual text explaining the secrets of the Bible, and every aspect our life. The essential purpose of reading and scanning the Zohar is to restore both our lives and our universe to their natural balanced state.

Dialing God Like the physical laws of the universe, there are also spiritual laws. Revealed to humans at the dawn of time, these laws are as influential in our daily lives as gravity, but they remain hidden to the five senses. The ancient kabbalists have developed a set of tools to interact with these forces. One of them is Kabbalistic prayer.



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