Secrets Of The Zohar (Portuguese, SC)

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The secrets of the Zohar are the secrets of the Bible.

The Zohar is an acknowledged source of great spiritual wisdom that is as ancient as the Bible itself. Revealed to Moses as the "decoder" of the Bible, the Zohar was passed on as oral tradition until it was recorded as a sacred text that remained hidden for thousands of years.

The Zohar's secrets have never been revealed quite as they are here in these pages, which decipher the codes behind the words of the ancient sages and show how you can apply the wisdom of Kabbalah to your life.

Michael Berg, renowned scholar and editor of the first English translation of the 23-volume Zohar, interprets here its "best" stories and offers a special meditation for each one. The original Aramaic letters and words are included, to scan and to read aloud. Entire portions of the Zohar are presented, with the Aramaic and its English translation in side-by-side columns.