To Be Continued (Portuguese, HC)

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Reincarnation is the soul’s journey back to the Light via multiple physical incarnations. In each lifetime, the soul returns to the physical world to correct a different aspect of itself. In one incarnation a soul may need to learn about being rich; another it may need to learn about being poor. Or it may need to experience strength and weakness, anger and compassion, beauty and unsightliness. It doesn’t matter if a person was Cleopatra or a foot soldier, the point is to be conscious of the things we failed at, the damage we came to restore so we can make the correction this time around.

Reading this book can help you understand some of the challenges and questions you have in this lifetime that may have come from another life. Part I discusses the process of reincarnation—how and why it happens. In Part II, learn about life challenges and why it’s important to embrace them as a necessary part of our soul’s work. In Part III, you can detect past life lessons by using kabbalistic tools of angels, astrology, palm and face reading.

Awareness of our soul’s journey creates a context that helps us to guide our lives and appreciate what we were given. With this knowledge over many lifetimes our soul eventually manages to understand all the lessons and puts all of these fragments together. As it does so, the soul gathers sparks of Light back to itself. Eventually it returns to the source of all Light—the Creator—complete.

When we understand reincarnation, our mistakes in this life don't become devastating. We develop a level of spiritual maturity that helps us to perceive how everything is part of a bigger plan designed to help us to change and grow. Death is not the end of the game, but just a chance to do over. We have nothing to fear. Life will be continued.