Path to the Light Vol. 6 (English, Hardcover)

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The Book of Shemot is traditionally known as the adventures and history of the Israelites as they are led by Moses in the wilderness after the exodus from Egypt. Volume 6 contains the accounts of the giving of the biblical laws on Mount Sinai and the dramatic moment as the Israelites fell in the creation of the golden calf, as well as raising of funds and the construction of the Tabernacle and the design of the clothing donned by the High Priest is also mentioned.

Although this storyline may seem irrelevant today, Rav Berg spares no detail as he enlightens us about our soul’s journey through physical existence and the concealed treasures available to all of humanity in the Book of Shemot. He explains that the Hebrew word Shemot means “names” not “exodus,” as is commonly understood, and that many Names of the Creator, including the 72 Names of God are found throughout the Book of Shemot. These Names are aspects of energy emanating from the Lightforce of God, which are meant to support us when we face challenges in our own lives.