One Million Zohars

One Million Zohars: The Zohar Project

We are on a mission to increase the Light in the world by spreading 1,000,000 Zohars globally this year. Now is the time to open hearts and minds through the power of sharing this transformative spiritual tool. Join us through the below options to help manifest our goal of printing, sharing, and disseminating 1 million Zohars throughout the world in the next few months.

As new Zohars are printed, join us in helping to spread them around the world! Through the generosity of our Zohar Project supporters, we’re able to offer these Pinchas Zohars at no or little cost. Select from the following subsidized options below: 

Share 1 Free Pocket Pinchas Zohar

Get 1 free pocket-sized Pinchas Zohar to keep for yourself, or send to another, at no cost to you. 

Share A Bundle of 10 Pocket Pinchas Zohars

Receive 10 free Zohars to share with family, friends and your community. Help spread light to those in need.

Get 50 Pocket Pinchas Zohars! Lead a Local Zohar Project Outing

Commit to distributing Zohars in your community. These Zohars are subsidized by our community of supporters and come at no cost to you. Order a pack of 50 and help transform your community.