As part of our celebration of Lag b’Omer 2020, The Kabbalah Centre has committed to offering thousands of free Zohars around the world at this time. Whether you would like to send the Zohar to a loved one, a fellow Kabbalah student, or a hero on the frontlines, this is your opportunity to give the gift of the Zohar, and in doing so, give the gift of Light. 

The Zohar is a holy book. Its origin is Light. Its purpose is to bring Light. Its nature and substance are Light, so much so that the mere possession of the Zohar can repel darkness and surround those who possess it with merciful protection. As Rav Berg wrote, “The Zohar represents humankind’s best hope of a solution to the chaos that has afflicted it since the beginning of history. Through the Zohar, we shall assuredly transform this planet into one of peace and tranquility.”

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