Angel Intelligence (English)

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Have you ever felt that there were moments when something inexplicable intervened to change your life?

Kabbalah teaches that there is an invisible structure to the universe and that angels are its wiring system. Within us and all around us, angels facilitate the circulation of energy throughout the universe and enable us to connect to that energy. They are supremely effective spiritual tools for transformation.

Some angels have existed forever, such as Archangels, the Angel of Death, and Guardian Angel. There are also Angels of the Day, the Zodiac, and the Elements. This book introduces them all and explains their permanent role in the universe. But billions of other angels are continually being created, and that means you have the power to create your own angels, both positive and negative, through your inclinations, words, and actions.

Whether or not you are conscious of them or accept them, the angels will continue to work and exert a powerful influence on you and the world at large. Once you become aware of their existence, you can choose to create joy and fulfillment in your life or succumb to ongoing chaos and struggle. Angel
Intelligence shows you how, you can make that choice.

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