Days of Power: Part 1 (English, Paperback)

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Days of Power: Part One

According to Kabbalah, holidays, new moons and death anniversaries of enlightened souls are cosmic times to tap into transformational energies. Every month presents a chance to connect with unique blessings. In Days of Power, Rav Berg describes the spiritual energy available with each holidays, and explains their significance with depth, precision and passion. Offering an awareness we can use to infuse our lives with positivity,

The Rav brings the holidays alive from commemorations of historic events to dynamic opportunities for change and growth. From this perspective, observing holidays is not a religious obligation, but a choice we can make for the purpose of transforming ourselves and the world around us. In Part One, Rav Berg explains the preparations for, and provides deep insight into the first four months of the year, beginning with Rosh Hashanah.