The Energy of the Hebrew Letters (English)

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Energy of the Hebrew Letters

The Zohar tells us that one of God’s first creations was the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. But these letters are far more than the simple symbols of communication that would later be used in a galley of type. In the metaphysical universe, each letter transfers awesome power from the Upper World to our physical dimension. Yet only one would be found to contain the attributes necessary to trigger the cosmic event that would propel the unseen world into the realm of material reality. As many know, the letter Bet was chosen. It is the first letter, of the first word, of the first story in the first book of the Five Books of Moses.

Kabbalists teach that the Hebrew alphabet, which, in Hebrew, is called “ivrit” comes from the root word “lavir” meaning “to transfer.” Letters are like wires, a technology for transferring energy from the Light of God into the physical world. The allegory of the letters as they pleaded their respective cases for the primary role in God’s creative process is the blueprint by which Creation was made possible. Rav Berg illustrates the bedrock of Kabbalah, and poetically reveals the spiritual meaning and history of each of the twenty-two letters: How and why it was created, and what energy it transmits to us.

The Rav throws light onto some of the most vexing problems of the present age of quarks, quasars and quantum mechanics during this time in which physicists and meta-physicists are joining hands and minds.

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