OneSoul White Sage Incense 11" Sticks

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  • STRONG BEAUTIFUL SCENT - Our incense are known for their superior ability to fill a room with a wonderful aroma in minutes. The enchanting fragrant scent will immediately permeate your environment, leaving you and your guests in a state of bliss.
  • BALANCE YOUR ENERGY - White Sage has a fresh, earthy scent as well as a herbaceous and slightly sweet fragrance. Used for meditation, cleansing & spiritual ceremonies as aromatherapy ideal in yoga studios, homes, offices. spas and healing rituals; is traditionally used as a space clearing plant, to remove negative energy indoors and out. Its fresh herbal fragrance rejuvenates the mind and enhances mental clarity and memory.
  • LONG LASTING - Each box contains 20 premium 11 inch long incense sticks. Each stick burns for approximately 75 minutes.
  • TRUE AUTHENTIC SOURCE - Every incense stick is meticulously crafted using exclusively organic and natural elements. The entire production is carried out by skilled artisans, ensuring utmost precision. To further elevate the quality and fragrance, each stick undergoes a careful indoor drying process, shielded from direct sunlight.
  • OUR ETHICAL COMMITMENT: Our incense sticks are proudly made using locally and domestically sourced, sustainable ingredients, and packaged in eco-friendly and recyclable materials whenever possible.
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