Path to the Light Vol. 4 (English, Hardcover)

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Path to the Light Beresheet, Volume 4 is filled with the light and love that lies at the heart of the Rav’s relationship with the wisdom of Kabbalah. In his commentaries on the Torah, dealing with the portions of Miketz, Vayishlach, and Vayechi, the Rav expounds on the idea that shichecha is an energy-intelligence that creates a condition of forgetfulness; not as a result of the absence of memory but rather because a force of darkness called ketz, which means “end,” causes the memory bank to become covered, creating the illusion that it is seemingly blank. Using everyday examples, from the media or common experiences, Rav Berg unravels the Bible’s coded messages with simplicity and humor, revealing to the reader practical ways in which kabbalistic principles can be applied to increase the measure of happiness, joy, and peace in life and throughout the world

It is not necessary for the reader to review the Path to the Light volumes in any specific order, for they serve solely to radically improve our lives, and this objective is achieved and found in abundance wherever we dip into the text.