Prayer of the Poor: Shabbat Siddur (English, Hardcover)

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Prayer of the Poor Shabbat Siddur

The Prayer of the Poor is, according to the Zohar, the most important prayer—it is the prayer that bypasses all others and receives immediate attention from the Creator. Just as pressing numbers on a telephone connects us to another person, this prayer book contains specific codes that provide a connection to different aspects of the Light. As Rav Berg states in the introduction, “Our purpose in presenting this connection book is so that each person can now begin to remove chaos from his or her life.”

The Prayer of the Poor Shabbat Siddur represents the culmination of three generations of study as well as the revelations made by a lineage of teachers who came before us, who suffered great personal harm to make this technology for a fulfilled life available to us so that with the power of this knowledge, we could be the generation that brings about the transformation of this world and the removal of chaos forever.

This Siddur includes meditations found in both the Zohar and the Gate of Meditations by Rav Isaac Luria (the Ari), as well as the consciousness bestowed to us by the Rav, who received it from his teacher, Rav Brandwein, who in turn received it from his teacher, Rav Ashlag.