The Kabbalah Connection: Preparing the Soul for Pesach (English, Hardcover)

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The Kabbalah Connection:

Preparing the Soul for Pesach

Kabbalistically, ego is the source of evil, destruction and suffering in this world. It is the aspect of our nature that separates us from the Light of the Creator, and from our destiny of happiness.The Kabbalah Connection describes the powerful spiritual technology of Passover (Pesach) built into the system of Creation to help us gain control over the ego.

Each year, the window of time known to many as Pesach, gives us the ability to escape this source of misery in our own lives. Although many believe Pesach to be holiday for the Jewish people commemorating their freedom from Egypt. This is a misconception. In truth, it is the greatest transformation agent we have against the ego.

Utilizing metaphysics and physics, The Kabbalah Connection explains the consciousness we can utilize on the eve of Pesach, so we can remove the ego and open ourselves up to the Light. This is a necessary step for achieving spiritual fulfillment.